Eye Examinations

The College of Optometrists’ guidelines state that individuals under 16 who have no binocular vision anomaly or refractive error should be seen yearly for eye examinations. The guidelines state that individuals over the age of 16 who have no binocular vision anomaly or refractive error should be seen every two years for eye examinations. Individuals of any age who have binocular anomalies or corrected refractive error should be seen every six months. 

Anyone experiencing visual symptoms such as blurry vision, headaches, eye strain, double vision, difficulty with reading, tiredness with reading, difficulty when driving, etc. should schedule an appointment immediately.

NHS Eye Examinations

Stevenson Jones Opticians offers NHS eye examinations for those who are eligible. 

Eye Examinations for Children


Minor Eye Conditions (MECS)

Cataract Post-Op Appointments 


Behavioural Optometry

Optometric Vision Therapy

Optometric Vision Therapy, commonly referred to as Vision Therapy, Visual Therapy, Visual Training, or VT, is a doctor-supervised program designed to improve the function of the visual system.  Read more

Sports Vision

Vision and Learning

Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation


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Contact Lenses

Contact lenses for Everyday 

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Contact lenses for Myopia Control

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Optometric Vision Therapy

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